Thursday, September 08, 2011

To Hell with the DMV

For two days, I've spent hours at the DMV, and have still not accomplished the task I need done.  I really don't understand how we haven't improved that agency at all in the last twenty years.

Anyways, no real point to this other than whining, and noting that I get to wake up at 5am tomorrow so I can get there an hour before they open.  Because maybe waiting for an hour outside the building before they open will ensure I don't have to wait for 4 hours inside the building after they open.



  1. Ouch...I feel ya. Last time I was there, had to get back in line again because the DMV personnel gave me conflicting information.

    Now I try to do everything online, as much as possible.

  2. Sounds like a real nightmare, I only know about the DMV from sitcoms and movies, I take it it's as bad as they portray.

  3. Bring some naughty magazines. You'll feel better about it.

  4. I HATE THE DMV!! xD
    No worries about whining, sometimes we all just gotta vent.

  5. With you on this. The DMV is godawful.



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