Thursday, September 01, 2011

And I'm There Before She Knows It

I'll be gone before she sees me
Got my hand around her waist
I'm pulling her to safety
By the time she knows what's happened
There'll be someone else who needs me
Time keeps dragging on
And on, and on, and on

I have absolutely fallen in passionate love with this songIt's about The Flash, and after listening to this song a few dozen times today, I had to do some more reading and whatnot on him, and he's pretty much become one of my favorite superheroes all of a sudden.  I always liked the guy, don't get me wrong, but I'd name a dozen heroes I liked before I even thought about him...I don't know that that's the case anymore.

Anyways, you should seriously check it out.  The song is fantastic, which surprised the crap out of me, because you'd expect a song about a superhero to not even be particularly good, let alone amazing :D


  1. It IS a fantastic song. :D

    And so are your comments. Anything with "ridiculously cute" makes me happy.



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