Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Censorless, Part Four

This is Part Four of the story.  Part Three can be found here.

"Can you tell me how many geographicals are within Alexandria's Circle?"

Kote frowned at the balding man who asked the question, the Headmaster of Divinations.  "I don't understand what possible difference it could make if I could or couldn't," he said.

The nine Headmasters of the University exchanged glances amongst each other, most of them thoroughly disgruntled, except for one large man who was barely suppressing a grin.

"It matters," the man finally said, "because if you do not possess adequate knowledge of the arcane, you will not be admitted into this university!"

"That doesn't make any sense.  I'm a chaos mage.  I don't use circles.  It's one of the advantages."

Once again, the Headmasters exchanged glances, this time accompanied with hushed whispers to each other.

"First, young Master--" the Headmaster glanced at his copy of the entry application Kote had filled out, "Kote, I'll be so kind as to ignore your plea for attention and inform you that you are not permitted to lie during this entry examination.  Secondly, I'm--"

"I've yet to lie, Headmaster.  I don't do that."

The heavyset man on the end, the Headmaster of Evocation, chuckled with mirth as the cheek of the Divinations Headmaster twitched in anger.  "That's quite enough, young man!" he finally shouted.  "You enter this University with not one single reference of any credibility, you immediately make a mockery of the examinations process by refusing to answer the first question you are asked, or even admit your own ignorance of the subject, and you boldly claim the impossible, as if we would not be aware of the complete and utter impossibility of a sniveling teenager such as yourself being a chaos mage!  This University has a strong--"

Once more he was interrupted by the applicant.  "Alexandria's Circle has fourteen geographicals contained within it, and seventeen in total.  It was created, of course, by the sorceress Alexandria, one of the companions of Emperor Marrux Drowbane, roughly eight-thousand, two hundred years ago.  The exact date she created the circle is unknown.  The circle is often used in powerful divination spells, particularly ones that involve multiple targets.  As far as my abilities as a chaos mage being impossible," he stood from his chair, his hands held out and his feet splayed, "if you would choose to challenge me in a duel, divinationist, I will gladly cause you irreparable harm in order to prove my ability."


  1. Interesting story, I like your blog very much!

  2. Nothing like a good put down or a good threat, nice work as usual.

  3. A threat is great, but if you have to make it twice, they know you won't follow through.

  4. Love it! Great blog - awesome design! Followed!

  5. To taste the fruit of yon celestal tree.

  6. First comment here haven't finished everything but enjoy your writing as am a sci-fi/fantasy fan myself.

    When I started with censorless 1 & 2, definitely skipped ahead to look for the next part, nice work!

  7. As much as I want to see how this goes down, I don't want Kote to get ultra pwnd. Assuming the man's a wizard, and likely a specialist, he's bound to have at least one good spell of each level he can cast that's based around something other than divination. I've known few successful wizards who did not have any evocation spells, even if they specialized in something else.

    Heck, the illusion spells Color Spray and Hypnotic Pattern might KO Kote long enough for the headmaster to win (should Kote fail to save). Even Summon Monster or perhaps baleful polymorph.

    Kote would have to get really lucky, or capitalize on the older man's (presumably) falling CON score.



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