My Stories

The main fare of Cerebral Vomit; these stories tend to be occurring in the fantasy world of Ebonhurst, or the modern fantasy universe of Darkhope.

The story of Naomi Caldress, a woman forced to find a new life for herself.  An Ebonhurst story.

Kote and Harris, best friends, are both gifted with arcane abilities, and have travelled to Onegas to attend the Arcane University, the most prestigious school in the Empire.  However, there's something strange about Kote....  An Ebonhurst story.

The Four
Planeswalkers are sometimes compared to gods, beings of immense power who are capable of traveling across various planes of existence, summon allies to their side, and cast devastating spells.  This is the story of four such individuals.

The Quest
 For most of his life, Garek had desired nothing more than to fight evil as a paladin in the Order of the Silver Wing.  But when he is exiled from both the Order and his own country, he is forced to continue his righteous quest alone.  An Ebonhurst story.

Legends speak of an ancient warrior of knowledge, a man with ink for blood and an insatiable hunger for the truth.  His name is Sheaf.  An Ebonhurst story.

Guest Stories

The Story of Lyra Swiftfist
Beth Stoneman contributes to Cerebral Vomit with 'The Story of Lyra Swiftfist', a tale of a struggling half-elf seeking acceptance in a world she fears will never truly abide her.

Other Stories

Some of my grittier stories, generally set in a more modern setting.

The story of a world destroyed.  Completed.

He Ran
"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every fairy-tale ending that one person receives, another must endure tragedy."  Contains mature language.  Completed.

Hung Jury
An argument, with each member on the same side, merely wanting to do the right thing.  Completed.

Some men become consumed, becoming something less, and something more, than human.  Contains mature elements.

A man looking back on his life.  Contains mature language.  Completed.

A story of loss.  Contains mature language.  Completed.


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