Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I'm a big fan of some democracy, so I've decided to throw some decision-making in the hands of you, the readers.  What's the next story I'm going to be working on?

Results (As of 12:33am Central)
Carrion:  2
Censorless: 1
The Quest: 1
Sheaf: 6
Something New:2

Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Sheaf should be an interesting read.

  2. Censorles, nothing like good old free speech.

  3. SHEAF!!!!!!! NEED MOAR SHEAF!!!!!

  4. I would like to see you come up with something new, but it looks like the consensus is leaning a bit towards Sheaf. I think he ever really great writing style and I do really like to see how many directions you could spread it out to.

  5. Sheaf gets my vote XD new to your blog and hope you keep up the great posts

  6. Well, Sheaf and Censorless have really come into their own. Carrion hasn't. So, while it's the one I'd be least anxious to read, perhaps its the one that most needs the extra work.

    Then again, we haven't heard much from the Quest recently. So I vote Quest.



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